Best safe place in Rio de Janeiro hotels for camera equipment (June 2011)

by Susan

Typical Brazilian hotel or apartment safe

Typical Brazilian hotel or apartment safe

I'm beginning a photo tour of Brazil in Rio and wonder if the safes in the room are "safe" and large enough to accommodate camera backpacks for two people while we are away from the hotel?

Hello Susan,

The hotel room safes in Rio and other parts of Brazil, are considered to be a pretty secure place to store your valuables while you are out of the room. We have never heard of larceny from a room safe by hotel employees occurring in Rio, but it could happen, perhaps in lower end hotels or hostels. Still, we always insure our valuables and bring copies of important documents and credit cards.

There are generally 2 types of locking safes offered in Rio de Janeiro hotels and rental apartments . The first is locked by key, with a heavy locking bolt inserted into the door of the safe. The guest locks the safe, the bolt stays in place, and the guest takes the key with him. The hotel management usually has a spare or master key.

Another type of safe has an electronic keypad locking mechanism, on which the guest enters a personal 4 digit code upon arrival at the hotel. The code can only be changed when the door is open. The safe is locked and unlocked when the door is closed. The hotel management has an override code in case a guest forgets the code and can't get back into the safe.

Brazilian hotel safes are usually secured to a wall inside a closet and are rather small. The inside measurements are usually about 17-18" wide, 12 " deep, and maybe 8" high. We are usually able to fit our standard sized laptop, small cameras, wallets, passports, and small souvenirs in the room safe.

You probably won't find a hotel room safe in Brazil large enough to accommodate a camera backpack and certainly not two. The hotel staff may be willing to store your cameras while you go out. Better hotels will have a locked closet for baggage or possibly a larger safe in the office. You should check with the hotel prior to arrival.

We hope this info helps. Please share with our readers a story and a photo about your trip to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro !

Boa viagem from,

The Editors of Rio de Janeiro Travel Information

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