Brazilian Internet Radio

Courtesy of MPB World Music

In addition to Brazilian internet radio streaming in courtesy of MPB FM 90.3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we provide "MPB World" Brazilian music coming to you 24 hours a day for free.

Brazilian music, from the 1960s through today, is popular the world over. Finding a free Brazilian internet radio station that plays a wide variety of music is hard to come by. That's where we come in to help, by streaming podcast Brazilian music directly to your computer 24 hours a day from Rio de Janeiro. If you haven't purchased a good pair of external PC speakers, now may be the time to do so...

While MPB FM 90.3 plays music each day according to their programs, our MPB World Brazil internet music widget plays a great mix of music on a continuous loop without commercial interruption. Our listeners will enjoy Brazilian jazz, Bossa Nova, MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), Samba, and other music from Brazil.

Note: occasionally the connection is interrupted, so you may have to check back later. It's the Brazilian internet after all...

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