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On our Brazilian Music Videos page, we have compiled some of the best live performances and videos from many of Brazil's most popular musicians. We feature videos and TV clips of Brazilian music from both yesterday and today.

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Vanessa da Mata & Ben Harper - Boa Sorte (Good Luck)

The Brazilian and American musicians perform a duet, with Ben Harper singing the lyrics in English, while Vanessa da Mata sings nearly identical lyrics in Portuguese. These two have a chemistry going on between them, which results in a phenomonal performance.

Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge - É Isso Aí (So it is)

Seu Jorge, who grew up in a favela (slum) in Rio de Janeiro, got his start in Brazil as a "Pop" Samba singer. He went on to do some acting, most notably in the critically acclaimed film City fo God. The Brazilian music video below showcases a popular song from the live duo album "Ana & Jorge", which he recorded in 2005 with Brazilian singer songwriter and Latin Grammy winner Ana Carolina. "É Isso Aí" is the Brazilian Portuguese version of Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter".

Céu - Sonâmbulo (Sleepwalking)

In this music video, Céu, the "fresh new face in the Brazilian music scene...", mesmerizes a live audience with her fluid and dreamy lyrical performance of Sonâmbulo, which translates to "sleepwalking" in Portuguese.

Ive Mendes - Natural High

Statuesque Brazilian beauty Ive Mendes released her self titled jazzy debut album in 2005 to immediate commercial and critical success. Ive sings both in English and Portuguese, which has helped her draw fans from Brazil, Europe, and the USA.

Mariana Aydar & Leci Brandão - Zé do Caroço

Samba singing legend Leci Brandão hands the torch to new arrival Mariana Aydar during this duet recorded live in Sao Paulo.

Marisa Monte - Para Ver As Meninas (To See the Girls)

Marisa Monte may very well be the most successful female musician in the modern era of Brazilian music. Rock, Pop, Samba... Marisa does it all. She's a bit stingy with public release of her Brazilian music videos, and the one below is from her recent DVD concert release.

Another big hit from Marisa Monte - "Segue O Seco", she combines jazz phrasing with quirky, breezy Brazilian pop on this track from her 1993 album Rose and Charcoal.

Here's a rare look at a 1995 Marisa Monte concert in Brussels performing "O Xote das Meninas" which landed on her 1996 groundbreaking album "Barulhinho Bom" (Beautiful Noise)

BossaCucaNova & Marcos Valle - Os Grilos (Crickets)

Marcos Valle has been well known in Bossa Nova circles for over 3 decades, and he both looks and sings much younger than his 60 odd years of age. Here he teams up with Bossacucanova, a hip new band which recently burst onto the scene to help revive this fading Brazilian music genre.

Listen below to Cris Delano, the lead singer of Bossacucanova, as she teams up with the Power Samba Jazz Trio.

Tom Jobim and Joao Gilberto - Girl from Ipanema

Who knows where Brazilian music would be today without the late great Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim and Joao Gilberto. The video below is an excerpt from a 1985 reunion concert.

Bebel Gilberto - "All Around"

Brazilian chanteuse Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of singer João Gilberto. Her music combines classic bossa nova with modern electronica and has come to define the "São Paulo sound."

Tom Jobim e Elis Regina - Águas de Março (Waters of March) 1974

Here's Tom Jobim in a rare live duet performance of the "Waters of March' with the late iconic Brazilian singer Elis Regina.

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