Beautiful Copacabana Beach Photos!

As you will see below, some of our Copacabana Beach photos were taken in the evening. While tourists should never walk on the beach in the late evening, you may safely spend time relaxing in the early evening at one of the sidewalk Kiosks, or strolling along the beach, while many other people are present.

As with anywhere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, if you plan to take Copacabana Beach photos, remain alert and use a small camera. If possible, have someone watching your back while you are snapping pictures, as thieves will occasionally steal from tourists along the sidewalks or on the beach.

Many of the kiosks along Copacabana Beach have been upgraded, and you will find several that are owned by well known Rio de Janeiro restaurants. Most of these kiosks are open until well past dark and serve decent snacks and excellent, reasonably priced drinks. Some even have waiters who will serve you at the table. We enjoy taking pictures of Copacabana Beach while sitting at a kiosk table, sipping Caipirinhas (the national drink), and snacking on salgadinhos (salty snacks).

There are several places in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that offer vistas (mirantes) of Copacabana Beach from high above. You can take pictures of the beach from atop Urca and Sugarloaf Mountains, as well as from Morro do Leme (Leme Mountain). Access to Morro do Leme is at the upper end of Copacabana Beach in Leme.

There are often big celebrations good for taking excellent Copacabana Beach photos. In late September as the Rio 2016 Olympics bid was in progress, the city erected a ferris wheel that had several different illuminations. One evening, a fireworks show was held. The most famous celebration on the beach is held every New Year's Eve (Reveillon), when close to one million people flock to the water and party well past midnight.

Enjoy our Copacabana Beach Pictures

Copacabana Beach as seen from Sugarloaf Mountain

Copacabana Beach as seen from Sugarloaf Mountain

Rio 2016 Olympics celebration ferris wheel and Fireworks (courtesy of RioTur)

Fireworks photo courtesy of  Rio Tur

Sandcastle Art Sculpture on Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach Sandcastle

Copacabana Beach in the early evening

Copacabana Beach in the early evening

Enjoy a caipirinha (or two) in the evening at a beach kiosk

Enjoy a caipirinha !

Copacabana Beach kiosk at night

Copacabana Beach kiosk at night

Leme Beach at the base of Morro do Leme

Leme Beach

Fishing boats at Posto 6 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fishing boats at Posto 6

Beach girls sand art sculpture

Beach girls sand art sculpture

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