How much does it cost to live in Rio de Janeiro? (June 2011)

by Gabriel

Thank you for answering my last question, and it helped me make new estimations to my previous assumptions for a trip cost. After looking through more of information available to me, I started to think of a different trip to Rio, instead of just visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, what if i decided to move there for a year.

How much does an average middle-class home cost, what is the average income of a worker, and what is the income needed to make it by but still get a good living in Rio. I would most likely live there for 1 year, if not more.

Thank you for your time and the information your staff can provide.

June 22, 2011

Hello Gabriel,

We applaud your spirit of adventure! Living in Rio de Janeiro for a year or two could turn out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Most Cariocas (residents of Rio) live in apartments. Living in the South Zone near the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema would be the best bet, especially of you are working in the tourist or hospitality industry.

Renting an average 1 bedroom apartment will cost between R$1000 - R$1500 per month in Copacabana or Botafogo, although you can find a basic apartment for less. Be prepared to pay much more if you want to live in the posh neighborhoods of Ipanema or Leblon. You can check with one of the apartment rental agencies for rates on long term rentals.

Salaries range widely depending on the job and skill level required. In 207, the average monthly salary a Rio de Janeiro worker was reported to be about R$23,000 per year (R$1900 per month). Bartenders and Waiters make R$800-$1500 per month, Teachers earn just R$1000 per month, and business professionals can earn more than R$3000 a month.

Getting a Brazilian work visa is not an easy task, and you should check with the nearest Brazilian Consulate for more information.

Rio is an expensive place to live by Brazilian standards, and you will probably need to earn at least R$2000 per month to get by. If you bring U.S. Dollars to get started, know that the Brazilian Real is currently very strong against the Dollar, and your money won't go as far as it would in the past. Check our currency exchange page for more information.

Best of luck and let us know if you decide to move to Rio!

The Editors of Rio de Janeiro Travel Information

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