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Ipanema Beach Brazil is located in Rio de Janeiro, in the middle of a long sweeping crescent of sand, bordered at one end by Arpoador beach and on the other end by Leblon Beach.

Its on Ipanema Beach where you will always find plenty of sports activities and beautiful people. The beach is more narrow here and the water is pretty rough. People spend most of their time in the sand, or in the surf in front of the crashing waves. Because this beach is becoming so popular, airlines compete to offer the cheapest flights into Rio de Janeiro from around the world every day.

Ipanema Beach Vendor

The hotels and restaurants on the beach-front are fewer than in Copacabana, instead it's mostly lined with expensive condos, apartments, and higher end hotels.

Ipanema Beach Brazil is fast becoming the most popular beach in Rio de Janeiro, and is one of the most upscale tourist destinations in Brazil. Just one of its beach pictures is worth a thousand words.

Ipanema Beach Brazil will forever be associated with Tom Jobim's famous song "The Girl from Ipanema", which he and the poet Vinícius de Moraes wrote while sitting in a bar watching "tall and tan and young and lovely.." girls walking to the beach.

Ipanema Beach Girls

In the past few years Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil has become the favorite of foreign tourists and more affluent Cariocas (Rio locals). Photographers take pictures of supermodels along the beach. The place is constantly active and gets very crowded in the summer, especially on the weekends.

As in Copacabana Beach., on Sundays the boulevard on the beach side is closed to traffic, as hundreds of people of all ages walk,bike, skate, and run the length of the beach. On Sunday, walk up the beach to the famous Ipanema Hippie Fair which is held at the Praça General Osório.

It's a great place to bring your camera to take pictures during the day - please visit our Rio de Janeiro Photo Tips page.

Your Favorite Beach Memory Ipanema Beach is part of one long beach flanked on the upper end by Arpoador Beach and on the lower end by Leblon beach.

The surf is usually rough here and the water has strong currents. Ipanema is a native Indian word for "dangerous water". People spend more time on the beach than in the water, and you should be careful where you swim and how far out you venture.

The long beach is segmented every few hundred yards by Postos (life guard stations). These Postos are the most common landmarks on the beach, and serve as a meeting place for locals and tourists. Each Posto has it's own reputation for the kind of people who hang out there and for the level of beach activity.

Ipanema, the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood located just behind the beach, offers a large variety of hotels, rental apartments, restaurants, bars, cafes, and upscale shopping. People head to the beach in the morning, and in the late afternoon make their way back up the lovely tree lined streets to their accommodations.

All along the beach in the sand are Barracas (tents) where vendors rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. They also send out the beach vendors who will supply you with all the beverages you will need for the day. Many people in Brazil will choose their spot on the beach by finding their favorite vendors who tend to arrive each day and set up in the same place.

Posto 9 lifeguard station

Every so often you will find an outdoor Kiosks that serve a variety of snacks and beverages. Sit at an umbrella covered plastic table and enjoy an Água de Côco (chilled coconut water) straight from the coconut. These are great places to lounge and watch the world go by.

Insider's Tip - Before you pack your clothes or hit the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, find out what to take and what to leave behind, by visiting our Rio de Janeiro Beach Tips page.

Posto 10  Kiosk on Ipanema Beach

Posto 9 is closer to Arpoador Beach and is known as the place where the young and beautiful hang out. Large groups of Brazilians congregate, gossip, and mostly flirt. The crowds tend to stay here pretty late to party and watch the sunset. Further down at Posto 10, you will find the chic crowds of more affluent Brazilians and tourists who stay in the handful of expensive hotels on the beach or a block or two back.

Foot Volley Ball

This area is a constant hub of sports activities. Especially popular in Brazil are sand sports such as futebol (soccer), vôlei (volley ball), futevôlei (foot volley ball!), frisbee tossing, and a type of paddle ball. Brazilians are open to tourists joining in the games, but if you are a novice, it's just as much fun to sit and watch. The futevôlei is especially entertaining as 2 person teams battle it it out in the sand over long volleys using only their heads, chest, legs, and feet!

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