Joatinga Beach Photos !

A Secluded Beach Near the City

Joatinga beach is a secluded rocky beach, popular with wake-boarders, and can only be reached by a short walk down a trail from the parking area above. It's quiet and practically deserted on weekdays.

You will need a car to get to this beach, as the windy road through the exclusive neighborhood is not serviced by buses.

This is a great place to bodysurf, watch the surfers, or swim in the surf. The water is pretty rough, so most swimmers don't go in above waist deep. There are no lifeguards, food, or restroom facilities here.

Insiders Tip - The best way to get to Grumari is to rent a car or go by taxi from your hotel. Rather than getting a cab at the curb, your should ask the hotel staff to help arrange a round trip fare from a reputable taxi driver. This way, after you are dropped off at the beach, you can count on being picked up at the end of the day by the same cab driver. Rather than go on the meter, you can negotiate a "fixed rate" with the cab driver. For best results, make these arrangements a day in advance.

If your time in Rio is limited, you might splurge and hire a taxi driver for a fixed rate for the day. The driver can drop you off at Joatinga Beach for an hour or so, and then take you to Prainha and wait while you hit the beach and have lunch. Then its on to Grumari Beach for another couple hours before heading back to your hotel. What a great day!

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Joatinga Beach

Soccer legend Pele owns a home up on the cliffs above Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach Boogy Boarders

Joatinga Beach Babe

Surfing Pictures!

Joatinga Beach Surfista

Joatinga Beach Surfers



Could you be any tanner than this..?

A Guy with his Girl at Joatinga Beach

Paddle Ball on the Beach

Paddle Ball game !

Map of Joatinga Beach

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