Upscale and Tranquil Leblon Beach

It's also a Sports Beach

Leblon beach is located on the lower end of Ipanema Beach and it ends at a rocky point where Avenida Niemeyer rounds the coast. The view looking towards the neighborhood of São Conrado is framed by the cone shaped mountains Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers), and the flat topped granite massive Pedra da Gávea.

Leblon Beach - Dois Irmaos in background

Ipanema beach is separated from this beach by the Canal de Allah, which runs from the ocean to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the large saltwater lagoon located behind the Ipanema neighborhood. This canal fills and drains the huge lagoon as the tide rise and falls.

Posto 11 at Leblon Beach

This beach has 2 lifeguard stations, Posto 11 and Posto 12. In between these Postos you will find pleasant sidewalk kiosks that serve food and drink, as well as areas of shady trees covering the sand near the street. Masseurs set up their tables in this area and offer open air massages throughout the entire day.

dog with coconut!

This beach is popular with affluent locals and families who live in the upscale Gávea, Jardim, and Leblon neighborhoods nearby. There are a lot of organized beach sport activities on the beach for both adults and children. In the mornings groups of school kids play beach soccer supervised by their teachers. There are also areas on the beach designated for mothers and small children.

In the afternoon and into the early evening, athletic Cariocas (Rio natives) come to the beach after work to play vôlei (volley ball), futevôlei (foot volley ball), and futebol (soccer). Here you will find some of the best sand athletes in Rio, and you may see the occasional celebrity or professional footballer as well.

As in Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach, on Sundays the boulevard on the beach side is closed to traffic, as hundreds of people of all ages walk, bike, skate, and run the length of the beach.

It's a great place to bring your camera during the day to take photos. For more information, please visit our Rio de Janeiro Photo Tips page.

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Rio de Janeiro beach sports

The lower end of the beach is very good for surfing. The rocks are steep here and it's best to watch from the sand. The surfistas bring their boards with them from other parts of the city, as there are no surf board rental vendors in this area.

Leblon Beach Surfer

The view from a roof top hotel bar

There are a number of upscale hotels along this Beach, as it's favored by wealthy Brazilians and foreign jet setters. There are few restaurants on the ocean front, but some of the hotels have roof top open air bars overlooking the beach. These bars are popular at happy hour.

Insider's Tip - Before you pack your clothes or hit the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, find out what to take and what to leave behind, by visiting our Beach Tips page.

Dois Irmaos

If Ipanema Beach gets too crowded and hectic for you - come enjoy a relaxing day at Leblon Beach!

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