NIK Sushi - Best value & excellent quality

by Gail

Sashimi at Nik Sushi in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Sashimi at Nik Sushi in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Of all the sushi places in Rio de Janeiro, we really like Nik Sushi in Ipanema.

It's a great value because of the "all you can eat" dinner rodizio or lunch buffet service and the excellent quality of the fish.

On the advice of a friend, my husband I ate there during our 2010 Rio holiday. We liked it so much, we went back two more times!

The lunch buffet doesn't have as much selection as the dinner rodizio, but it's less expensive during the day. We didn't miss having the bigger selection of sushi rolls available at dinner ,as we're Sashima lovers anyway.

Having said that, at the dinner rodizio, they serve really wonderful gyoza (meat filled steamed dumplings) and grilled meat skewers. They also have very good ceviche, which is served in small portions.

NIK Sushi is a small restaurant and it gets very busy. I recommend going there at off times, such as after 1pm for lunch, and before 9pm for dinner.

The only thing we didn't like about eating at NIK Sushi, as sitting next to a very large saltwater fish tank, which was filled with beautiful colorful tropical fish. It was a bit weird being watched by these fish as we dined on some of their buddies. I recommend sitting at table facing the street!

Editors note:

Thanks Gail for your review! We adore NIK Sushi as well, and especially enjoy dining there for 2+ hours on a rainy afternoon. For those readers who would like more information about this restaurant, please visit our
Brazilian Sushi Restaurants page.

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