Por Kilo Restaurants in Rio de Janiero

Large Selection and Easy to Order!

Por Kilo restaurants are located everywhere, in both tourist and other parts of the city. You can sample a wide variety of Brazilian dishes and eat as little or as much as you want!

The restaurant will have a sign in the window indicating the cost per kilo, or more often cost per 100 grams. A decent kilo joint will charge R$ 3.50 - R$4.00 per 100 grams. This equates to R$35 - R$40 per kilogram of food- if you could ever eat that much...(2.2 Lbs).

As you enter the restaurant you are given a card or ticket. Pick up a plate near the buffet and select what you want. An attendant will weigh the food,(minus the weight of the plate), and update your ticket. You then pick a table and order your drinks from a server. If you are still hungry, just grab a clean plate and go through again!

Usually the food is all the same cost per weight, but occasionally they will charge a bit more per kilo for sushi and churrasco. Desserts are also served by weight and are usually higher price than the salads and entrees.

It's acceptable to enter the restaurant and "have a look" at the buffet, before you decide to stay and eat. We like to survey different Por Kilos throughout the day as we walk around, and decide which one we will return to later for lunch, dinner, or a mid evening snack.

The only downside to eating in a por kilo restaurant, is the lack of atmosphere in most of these restaurants. These are buffet style restaurants with diners moving in and out fairly quickly. Some Por Kilo restaurants are very pleasant places to eat and relax, and many have the TV on showing a soccer game or perhaps a Novela (Brazilian Soap Opera).

YOUR Rio de Janeiro Restaurant Reviews Insider's Tip- Por kilos are great places to get a quick and easy meal, but if you are really hungry you may be better off eating at a traditional Brazilian restaurant that serves large portions, as you may get more for your money.

Our Favorite Rio de Janeiro
Por Kilo Restaurants

Kilograma $$

Location - Ipanema, at Rua Visconde de Piraja 644, at Rua Henrique Dumont. Tel - 55-2512-8220.

This is one of the higher end Por Kilos in Rio, and has a nice atmosphere as well. The food selection is quite large as is the dining room.

Kilograma has a Churrasco counter from which you can get slices of roasted meats and stark from the grill or oven. This restaurant also has a good selection of high quality sushi, for which they charge a slightly higher rate by weight than the other foods.

Kilograma serves late, and you will find diners in here after 11pm.

Couve Flor $$

Couve Flor Por Kilo Restaurant in Jardims

Location - Jardim Botanico, at Rua Pacheco Leao, 724. Near the entrance to the Jardim Botanico. Tel - 55-2239-2191.

"Couve Flor" means cauliflower in Portuguese. This restaurant with its lovely facade is situated on a pleasant street in an upscale residential neighborhood next to the famous Jardim Botanico.

Couve Flor is a favorite of any in the area, and is often crowded during both lunch and dinner times. As with most of the better Por Kilo restaurants, they have a large variety of almost every imaginable Brazilian dish, a churrsaco counter, sushi, and wonderful desserts.

Couve Flor's buffet area is fit in a tight space near the entrance. It has a pleasant second dining area upstairs away from the hectic first floor.

Insider's Tip - After visiting the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens) stop here for lunch or an early dinner.

Frontera $$

Frontera Por Kilo in Ipanema

Locations - Ipanema, at Rua Visconde de Piraja, 128. Near Praca General Osorio. Tel 55-3289-2350. And in Copacabana, at Avenida NS de Copacabana 1144. 2 blocks from the beach at Posto 5. Tel - 55-3202-9050.

Frontera is known for it's excellent churrasco offerings, and is a bit pricier than most Por Kilo Restaurants. If you are looking for a large variety of fine quality dishes, then this is your place.

The Ipanema location has dark wood and paneled walls giving it a bit more intimate feel. The buffet and serving areas are in the back of the restaurant, with the tables in quiet areas near the front.

Insider's Tip - Frontera is across the street from the famous Ipanema Hippie Fair which is held every Sunday. Grab a bite to eat at Frontera, either before or after visiting the Ipanema Hippie Fair.

Da Silva $$

Da Silva Por Kilo restaurant in Leblon

Location - Leblon, at Avenida Ataulfo ​​de Paiva, 270 (In the Rio Design Shopping Center). Tel- (21) 2540-5035. A second location in Centro, Avenida Graça Aranha, 187. Tel - 21) 2524-1010.

Da Silva serves traditional Portuguese buffet style at lunch and dinner. This Rio de Janeiro institution is operated by the same family that owns the famous Restaurante Antiquarius, also located in Leblon.

The Leblon restaurant is located in the upscale Rio Design Shopping center. It's a great place to take a break from shopping and grab a quick bite.

The second Da Silva location is in Centro, on the 4th floor of a building and is accessed by elevator. In addition to the restaurant, there's a small wine shop and fine delicatessen.

Temperarte $

Location - Copacabana, at Avenida NS Copacabana, 266. 2 blocks from the beach at Posto 2. Tel - 55-2267-1149

Fellini $$

Location - Leblon, at Rua General Urquiza 104. Tel - 55-2511-3600.

Fellini is probably the most upscale Por Kilo restaurant in Rio today. Seafood dishes and grilled meats are their specialty. They offer excellent sushi as well, and are known for superb vegetarian dishes.

Fellini is located in a nice are of Leblon, which makes for a nice stroll after dinner to visit one of several upmarket bars in the area.

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