Prainha Beach

The Ultimate Surfing Beach in Rio de Janeiro !

Prainha Beach is a smaller isolated surfer beach a short drive southwest from Rio de Janeiro. The half-moon shaped beach is bordered on each side by rocks and high cliffs, causing the waves to come in fast and with multiple breaks.

The under current is very strong here, and only experienced surfers ride these waves. Casual beach goers should only enter the water to about waist deep, as the undertow will pull you out to sea! There is usually just one lifeguard who patrols the area.

Insiders Tip - Now that the Surf Bus has suspended its operations, the best way to get to Grumari is by taxi from your hotel. Rather than hail a cab off the street, have the hotel staff help arrange a round trip fare from a reputable taxi driver. This way, after you are dropped off at the beach, you are assured of being picked up at the end of the day by the same cab driver. You don't want to be stranded far from your hotel! Negotiate a "fixed rate" with the cab driver who may take you before and after his shift starts/ends. For best results, make these arrangements a day in advance.

A small outdoor restaurant overlooks Prainha Beach from the cliff on the southwest end. You can walk up to it by using a short trail from the beach. You can use the restrooms if you buy a soft drink or have lunch. It's a great place from which to take photos of the surfer beach.

There are also a couple of Kiosks at about the middle of the beach.

Insider's Tip - Before you head to Prainha, visit our Rio de Janeiro Photo Tips page

Enjoy the Beach & Surfing Photos !

The approach to Prainha

Where are all the people? Working in Rio de Janeiro!

Prainha Beach Rio de Janeiro

Prainha Beach Rio de Janeiro

View from the top

What a backdrop!

What a backdrop

We let sleeping dogs lie at this beach...

Nap time !!

Bar & Restaurant Mirante da Prainha is an excellent place to take a break for lunch or to have a snack while visiting this beach. "Mirante" in Portuguese means "overlook or vista".

This open air bar and restaurant has decent seafood dishes and Pestiscos (appetizers), plus the million dollar views. They also offer fresh fish and seafood grilled on an outdoor "Brasa" on weekends and on weekdays during the busy season. It's open only during the day from 11am to about 6pm.

The crab (siri) or shrimp (camarao) filled pastries (Pasteis) pictured further below are fantastic.

Mirante da Prainha Bar & restaurant

Enjoy grilled Fish (Peixe) on the Grill (Brasa).

Enjoy grilled Peixe (Fish) on the Brasa

Imagine yourself here...enjoying Pasteis & Brahma beer while looking out over the cliff...

Pasteis & Brahma Beer

The waves break pretty far out from the beach.

Surfing at Prainha

Surfing at Prainha Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

A Surfista at Prainha


Prainha - what a back drop!

The coastal road to Grumari Beach

Prainha looking towards Grumari

Another Beautiful View!

Another beautiful view ...

Prainha Satelite Image Map

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