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Rio de Janeiro Advertising - advertise with us and make your travel business known to one of the biggest growing travel destinations - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

We provide travel information and advice for the best beaches, accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment available in Rio de Janeiro, including the Ipanema and Copacabana Beach neighborhoods.

Our website was created just in time for the booming travel and tourism business in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil.

Although this is a medium traffic website, our visitor counts continue to increase every month. We receive a high percentage of new visitors every day - and these visitors are actively planning their Brazilian vacations.

As the 2012 trend graph below indicates, we receive a very high amount of traffic annually during the Rio de Janeiro New Year's Eve celebration (Réveillon) and during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival season (Carnaval).
Website  traffic New Years Eve thru Carnival 2012

Website Traffic Data September 2012

Site traffic data for September 2012

Take advantage of our low advertising rates as we continuously prepare for high website traffic events that include the 2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer Championships, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, Carnaval, and New Year's Eve.

3 Ways to Advertise On Our Site

1. Rio de Janeiro Travel Information features Google Adwords for managing and placement of contextual and image ads. Your travel agency, currency exchange business, hotel, other travel business can appear site-wide on all of our pages. Or, you can target your ad to particular channels and sections on our website to be even more effective.

Find out more about our website and the advertising options available on by visiting our profile in the Google Double Click Ad Planner:

2. We can feature your travel related business on one of our high-traffic content pages by:

  • Creating a description and anchor text link back to your website.
  • Placing an photo image on a specific page or pages that links back to your website.

3, We can also place your company's image or banner link on the high visibility right side "3rd column", that will display on several or all pages of our website!

Please contact us here for advertising rates and options.

More About Our Website

According to traffic data, being in the Top 1% of all websites requires a ranking of lower than 1,000,000.

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