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On this page, we provide general pricing and information about renting Rio de Janeiro apartments for your vacation, and then we direct you to our page for specific information about Vacation Rental Apartments in Ipanema or Copacabana.

Average price ranges for rental apartments in Rio de Janeiro in US Dollars per night: *

Studio Apartments --------- $90 - $175
1 Bedroom Apartments ------ $125 - $200
2 Bedroom Apartments ------ $200 - $R 325
Luxury Apartments --------- $300 and up

* During Carnival & New Year's holiday weeks the prices are much higher; 7-10 day packages are available.

Anyone staying a week or more in Rio or traveling with a group of people, should consider renting an apartment versus staying at a hotel. The price savings can be considerable. Also, Rio de Janeiro apartments offer more privacy, are larger, and have a full kitchen. Deluxe fully furnished apartments are often half the cost of an upscale hotel.

There's an abundance of fully furnished apartments for rent in the Copacabana and Ipanema neighborhoods. These apartments are owned by Brazilian or foreign investors and run by local property management companies. These companies often offer a wide variety of services, including shuttle service to and from the airport and cell phone rentals.

The only real downside to renting an apartment in Rio de Janeiro versus staying in a hotel is the lack of daily room service, having to make your own breakfast, and the lack of readily accessible tour booking.

These small obstacles can easily be overcome. The rental agency can clean the apartment and provide fresh towels once or twice during your stay. You can buy a few items at the Zona Sul Supermarket and eat out each morning at a juice bar or one of the many bakeries. You might pop into a nearby hotel and book a sightseeing tour excursion, or you can have the apartment rental agency book it for you.

A Deluxe 1 bedroom apartment in Ipanema

There are a wide variety of apartment types and locations in Rio. Luxury beach front Rio de Janeiro apartments are usually 2 bedrooms or larger and are fairly expensive, thus making them popular with wealthy tourists or groups of 4-6 people. More common, are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments favored by couples. These apartments are usually located 1 - 2 blocks from the beach.

Internet booking with Rio de Janeiro rental apartment property management companies is the most common method of locating and renting an apartment. Property managers will operate a website that provides pricing and details of individual apartments. You can usually see photos of the apartment on their websites, and payment is accepted by credit card.

Insider's Tip - Be aware that some apartment rental services offer more than they actually deliver. Apartments may be shabby, or you will be switched to a different apartment or location than requested. Prices vary widely, and some disreputable companies will price gouge tourists who don't shop around. This occurs mostly at Carnival or New Year's.

For this reason, we recommend you rent from a reputable rental agency or booking service.

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