Rio de Janeiro Electricity & Water

Rio de Janeiro electricity is 110V, 60Hz, as it is in most other parts of Brazil. An adapter is not needed for American appliances. The most common electrical outlet allows for plugs with two round pins, as well as American style plugs that have two flat prongs.

Brazilian Electrical Outlet

The outlet pictured at right is a common one, and it accepts both round pins and flat prongs. Many hotels also offer 220V outlets to accommodate European travelers. These outlets will almost always be labeled as 220V, and you should not plug a 110V appliance into it.

It's best not to drink the tap water while on your Rio de Janeiro vacation, but instead opt for bottled water. Tap water is fine for bathing, cooking, and washing dishes. Avoid drinking tap water, as problems have been known to occur with Rio's water treatment system.

Restaurants serve only bottled water, either carbonated (com gas) or non-carbonated (sem gas). Rarely will you find a restaurant that serves free filtered water with ice by the glass.

Insider's Tip - In better restaurants, you can ask the waiter to bring a small bucket of ice to go with your soft drink or water. There is usually no charge for this service.

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