Rio de Janeiro Hostels

An Inexpensive Lodging Option!

On this page, we provide price ranges and information about staying in one of the many Rio de Janeiro hostels, and then we direct you to our page of reviews and information about our Favorite Hostels in Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches.

Price ranges for Rio de Janeiro Hostels in Brazilian Reais include taxes & breakfast): *

Dormitory Bed ---------------- R$ 30 - 50
Room (double occupancy) --- R$ 100 - 150

* Carnival & New Year's Holiday weeks - the prices are much higher and packages are available.

The Ipanema Beach House Hostel Bar

If you are on a budget, traveling alone, looking to make acquaintances while on your world travels, and don't mind sleeping in a bunk bed, "dormitory style" room - then a Rio de Janeiro Hostel is the place to lay your head. Rio has a surprising number of very nice and modern Hostels in both Copacabana and the more upscale Ipanema neighborhood.

Some hostels offer private rooms, which are highly sought after by young couples and tend to book up early. The private rooms will cost more than the dormitory accommodation but are still less expensive then most tourist class Rio de Janeiro hotels. Most often, the hostels are more modern and cleaner than inexpensive hotels in Rio, so getting a small private room in a hostel can be the way to go for budget minded couples.

The hostels that we recommend are located in safer areas, with some of them actually located in very upscale neighborhoods. These hostels are generally geared toward the younger tourist's basic lodging needs.

The hostels that we recommend will also provide sightseeing excursions and activities.

Our favorite Rio Carnival accommodation will offer amenities and services included in the daily rate, such as breakfast, private showers, lockers to store your stuff (bring your own lock), free Internet access, daily room cleaning, and towels. Most hostels provide a shared kitchen area, with a refrigerator for meal preparation, and common areas in which to relax. Most Rio hostels will have a bar serving drinks until pretty late, and some have a swimming pool.

Most hostels in Rio have a 24 hour desk attendant and no curfew on coming or going. Be warned that it can be a challenge getting a good night's sleep in a hostel dormitory in Rio, what with all the late night partying and guests falling into bed at all hours. Ear plugs are highly recommended!

As Rio hostels are geared towards younger techno savvy tourists, they will have a pretty good website and methods for advance booking with on-line payment by credit card. They may have telephone services to make collect calls overseas.

For more information and pricing, please go to our favorite Hostels in Copacabana & Ipanema Beaches page.

Insider's Tip - Hostel guests will be very interested in using the Surf Bus which is an inexpensive way to get out of the city to remote beaches west of Rio. Whether you are a surfer or just a beach lover, this outfit offers a unique service. They use a converted city bus that picks up people every morning at several beach front hotel locations and drops them off at several beaches, including Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Macumba, and the pristine surfer beach Prainha. You just catch the return bus later in the day and hop off at the same hotel. The cost is only $R 8 round trip!

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