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Whether you are looking to stay in one of the many Rio de Janeiro hotels, a short term furnished rental apartment, or a low budget accommodation such as a hostel - the lodging choices in Copacabana and Ipanema are extensive.

Rio is one of the more expensive cities in Brazil and South America, but fortunately there's a wide price range and selection of lodgings to fit practically any budget.

In this section of our website, we provide an overview of the hotel options and price ranges. We then point you to specific information about
our favorite hotels in Ipanema or our favorite hotels in Copacabana.

Price ranges for Rio de Janeiro hotels are listed below in U.S. Dollars per double occupancy per night (includes full breakfast) : *

$$$$ Expensive --- USD $500 - 750
$$$ Moderate ---- USD $300 - 500
$$ Inexpensive --- USD $200 - 300

* Carnival & New Year's Holiday weeks - the prices are much higher and packages are available.

Copacabana Palace Hotel

The rooms - Brazilian standards are about the same as those in Europe, but Americans will find that the comparable Rio de Janeiro hotel ratings are slightly lower than in the USA. The staff services will equal or exceed those in America, but the rooms will be slightly smaller less frequently renovated. Towels may not be as thick as you are used to, and there is less of them made available in the room. However, the roof top pools, ocean views, snazzy hotel bars, and great breakfasts, more than make up for this.

Locking safes for personal items are located in almost every one of the Rio de Janeiro hotels. Room service is offered daily, and it's suggested by eco-conscious and budget minded hoteliers that towels are re-used for at least a couple of days.

The Hotel Restaurants - Several of the best hotels along the beaches have award winning and trendy restaurants that serve lunch and dinner until very late. It can be very convenient if your hotel has a great restaurant, but we recommend to eat outside the hotel most often, otherwise you will miss out on the unique cuisine and atmosphere that Rio restaurants have to offer.

The best food at many of Rio's hotels is offered at breakfast. Included in the room rate and not be missed, is the traditional Brazilian breakfast that's most often served in buffet style. Usually included are coffee, juices, fresh baked rolls, pastries, fruit, yogurt, sliced deli meats, and some hot dishes. The more expensive the hotel, the more elaborate are the breakfasts. A large variety of exotic tropical fruits and juices are generally offered. Breakfasts at Rio de Janeiro hotels offer an easy way to be introduced to Brazilian cuisine.

If it's available, we recommend to only eat lunch at the hotel on Saturdays or Sundays, when the traditional Feijoada or a larger brunch is served.

Hotel Bars - Bars in Rio de Janeiro hotels can be really fun places to start or end the evening with drinks, enjoy a great view of the city or the ocean, and hear some good live Brazilian music. For the vacationing tourist, Rio, like many big cities, can be a bit difficult and occasionally dangerous to navigate by foot after dark. Hotel bars offer that late night refuge after returning from dinner or a night out on the town.

Sightseeing- Rio de Janeiro hotels also contract with local agencies to offer sightseeing tours to Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Maracana Stadium for a soccer game, and out of town excursions to Ilha Grande and Paraty. This is very convenient, as guests can be picked up and dropped off at the hotel. Some hotels will offer transportation to and from Samba nightclubs in Lapa and also to the steak dinner and Samba show at the famous Plataforma Churrascaria in the chic Leblon neighborhood.

Insider's Tip - We recommend staying at a hotel in one of the two main tourist beach areas in Rio, either in Copacabana Beach or Ipanema Beach. You may find less expensive hotels further from the beaches, but the areas are not as safe, the hotels will likely be shabby, and you are further from the action. If you are on a budget, spend a bit more on a hotel and less on dinner, as there are unlimited low cost dining options everywhere in Rio.

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