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Rio de Janeiro nightclubs are plentiful and range from the trendy and upscale to the downright seedy and low rent. Every night of the week there's a party happening in nightclubs in Rio, so it's just a matter of picking the one that suits your tastes and budget.

Most nightclubs will just have DJs spinning discs but a few also alternate live music on different nights of the week. Hotels will have information about nearby nightclubs, and you can also find flyers posted in record shops.

On this page, we list a few of the better Rio de Janeiro nightclubs which are either in or very close to the Ipanema and Copacabana neighborhoods.

Our Favorite Rio de Janeiro Nightclubs

00 (Zero Zero)

Nightclub 00 (Zero Zero) in Gavea

Location - Gavea Planetarium, Avenida Padre Leonel Franca 240, Gavea. Tel- 55 21 2540 8041. Admission US $10. Open 7 days a week.

Restaurant and nightclub 00 is housed inside the Gavea Planetarium in a fashionable part of town near the PUC University. Popular with trend setting Cariocas as well as young well healed tourists, 00 is the place to dance and mingle with the beautiful people.

00 is a sophisticated place, while at the same time it has a rather relaxed atmosphere that includes an outdoor garden, mega sofas and ottomans which "reinforce the concept of a place to meet and make friends".

00 is known for its international music DJ parties, Brazilian CD launches, exotic and colorful drinks, and a great dance floor with fantastic lighting.

Visit the 00 website with its very hip streaming RADIO, 00 which plays dance singles 24 hours a day.


Location - Rua Barao da Torre, 354, Ipanema, Tel- 55 21 2522 1460. Admission US $20. Opens at 11pm Tuesday - Sunday.

Expensive is the word that comes to mind when one mentions Baronneti which is one of the best Rio de Janeiro nightclubs. One of just a few nightclubs in the Ipanema neighborhood, Baronneti's patrons are young, wealthy and dressed to kill. The lines to get in the club start about 10pm and often continue well into the late evening. It has 2 dance floors and a modern beautifully lit interior. The Djs here are top notch. The party goes on until daybreak.

Baronneti is located on a rather quiet, tree lined street 4 blocks back from Ipanema Beach. It's located on the same block as Botequim Informal, and our favorite restaurant Botequim do Itahy.


Melt nightclub in Leblon

Location - Rua Rita Ludolf 47, Leblon. Tel- 55 21 2249 9309. Admission R $10 - $40 depending on the entertainment. 10pm - 4am, closed Sundays.

Melt alternates between having live music and DJs so we include it under the Rio de Janeiro nightclubs category as well as in the live music category.

Located in the upscale Leblon neighborhood, Melt is just a quick taxi cab ride from Ipanema and about a 15 minute ride from Copacabana. Despite its Leblon address, Melt is a surprisingly unpretentious nightclub with a relaxed atmosphere. People dress down when partying at Melt while seeing some fantastic local talent.

Depending on the agenda, you will hear MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), Samba Rock, Hip Hop, Dance Music, Pop Rock, Samba da Roda, Electro Samba, name it!

Melt's website includes a current schedule of events (click on the Agenda photo near the bottom left of the home page).

Bunker 94

Location - Rua Raul Pompeia 94, Copacabana. Tel- 55 21 3813 0300. Admission US $7. Open only Thursday - Sunday. 11pm - daybreak

Bunker 94 is one of the more popular Rio de Janeiro nightclubs in Copacabana. Its very popular with the tourists and a young rather eclectic crowd jams the place after midnight until the wee hours of the morning. Considered somewhat of a pick up place, if you are looking for a good time you may get lucky with another young tourist who will, in the morning, "Blame it on Rio..."

Bunker 94 has 2 dance floors with DJs playing a different music genre in each so the clubbers move back and forth depending on what they want to hear and dance to. Because it's a mostly tourist crowd, Bunker 94 tends to play music from the '80s through today.

Loud and crowded, you will have a great time killing more than a few brain cells at this place.

Fosfobox Bar Club

Location - Rua Siqueira Campos, 143, Copacabana. Tel- 55 21 2548 7498. Open late every night.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Fosfobox constantly seeks out the new, and often underground, trends in electronica music. Fosfobox mainly showcases talented local DJs who pump out Electronica infused rock and dance music 7 nights a week. Fosfobox does offer some variety during the week including performances of Funk, Glam Rock, good old rock & roll, poetry readings, and other cultural events.

A late night haven for Rio's young and pierced, Fosfobox Bar Club is located below street level accessed by a long entrance through a gallery of antiques shops. Kids hang out and talk in this long underground corridor.

Visit the Fosfobox Bar Club's MySpace page for weekly schedule of events and DJs. They also have a streaming audio link which will provide a sampling of music you will hear at one of the trendiest of Rio de Janeiro nightclubs.

Help Discotheque

Note: The famous Help Discotheque on Copacabana has finally been closed by the city government authorities. This "Disco" was opened in the 1970's as a dance club but quickly became the place for male tourists to pick up prostitutes.

It's believed that the closing of Help Discotheque will create an increase of street walking prostitutes on Copacabana Beach, but city officials are determined to clean up Rio's image ahead of the 2014 World Cup Soccer Championships and the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

We'll let you know if another nightclub opens up that approximates the services offered at the Help Discotheque...

Drinkeria Maldita Copacabana

Drinkeria  Maldita Copacabana

Location- Rua Aires Saldanha, 98, Copacabana. Tel- 55 21 3439 1978. Admission R $5 - $15. Open Tues - Sat 6pm - 3am & Sundays 4pm - 1am.

Part of the Matriz Group chain of eclectic clubs and bars, the Drinkeria Maldita Copacabana is a small nightclub located one block off Copacabana Beach behind the former location of the HELP Discotheque. The Portuguese translation of "Maldita" is "cursed", and you'll have to ask the club's proprietors about its meaning...

That small club features mainly live rock music from new local artists. Tuesday nights feature the very newest artists with patrons deciding how much cover charge to pay! Wednesdays is "Karaokê Indie" night.

Drinkeria Maldita Copacabana offers more than 70 mixed drinks from its award winning menu, ranging in price from r$ 9.50 - R$ 16.50. Try a Lanterna Verde (Green Lantern) or perhaps a Virus Urbana (Urban Virus).

Visit the Drinkeria Maldita Copacabana website for the show schedule.


ON11 nightclub

Location -Rua Francisco Otaviano, 20A, Copacabana Beach. (in front of Forte Copacabana). Open Friday and Saturday, 11PM to 6AM. Admission R$60 for men and R$40 for women.

ON11 is a large European style discoteque that opened in November 2010. Club 0N11 is pronounced "onze" (own-zee) for the Portuguese word eleven.

ON11 features a state of the art Martin Audio sound system, and an over-the-top LED light system imported from Europe. It's all about dancing here, as the disco is outfitted with a 3,700 square foot dance floor. ON11 is said to have a capacity of 1000 people.

At the time s opening, the club's Italian owners have employed a French resident DJ to pump out electronica dance beats. Arrive after midnight and prepare to party and dance until dawn.

Visit the ON11 website , which at time of this post, was rather rudimentary.

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