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Welcome to our Rio de Janeiro Street View page, where we have picked and loaded the best Google Street View images of Ipanema Beach, Copacabana Beach, the other beaches in the city.

Please note that the high resolution images may take a few moments to load on the page.

Google's Rio de Janeiro Street View went live in October 2010 in both this city and in many other cities of Brazil. Practically all parts of Rio and its beaches have been photographed at the street level. As many of our travel information website visitors are not familiar with the layout of Rio de Janeiro, we have cataloged and loaded some of the best locations on the beaches.

If you haven't used Street View Maps before, then link to this Google Map User Guide for brief instructions.

Ipanema Beach Street View

You've found yourself on Ipanema Beach at Posto 9 (Lifeguard Station # 9). It's near Vinicius de Moraes Street which was named after the famous Bossa Nova music singer/songwriter. A bit further up is Posto 8, the well known party section of Ipanema Beach. Further down the Avenida Viera Souto close to the Caesar Park Hotel is the chic Posto 10 area. The stretch between Posto 8 and Posto 10 is considered by many to be one of the best city beaches in the world.
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Copacabana Beach Street View

This location on Copacabana Beach is near Posto 2 and the world famous luxurious Copacabana Palace Hotel. (Circle around - it's behind you in the view!) This stretch of the beach has a number of modernized Kiosks, several of which are owned and operated by popular Rio de Janeiro restaurants. You can grab a quick snack and a drink at one of these kiosks during the day and enjoy a very nice evening meal while overlooking the ocean. Some of the kiosks have full kitchens operating under the sidewalk! Especially popular is the Bar Luiz Kiosk - try the sausage plate and an ice cold Chopp (draft beer).
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Leblon Beach Street View

At the lower end of Ipanema is Leblon Beach, a very upscale and safe area, popular with families from the same neighborhood and with tourists visiting Rio with their children. Below in the Rio de Janeiro street view you'll see one of the "baby beaches" - an area set up for the kids. Leblon beach is also a popular beach sports area, especially on the weekends. In the background of the street view image are the Dois Irmaos Mountains (Two Brothers) and beyond that area is the Sao Conrado neighborhood.
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Prainha Beach Street View

Now we are a short distance from the city, at the remote and beautiful Prainha Beach. You'll need to get here by rental car or taxi, but the a day trip is a gerat adventure. Visit our Prainha Beach page for detailed information.
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Grumari Beach

Grumari Beach is a pristine eco-preserve and beach located just down the road from Prainha. The long beach is backdropped by "restinga" (coastal scrub) which rises up to mountains that frame the picture. At the end of the long coastal road, the beach ends where the mountains meet the sea, and the road climbs back into the interior towards Guartatiba.
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Santa Teresa neighborhood

Hop on the Bonde (tram) and visit the Bohemian hillside neighborhood of Santa Teresa.
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The Urca Neighborhood

The quaint and safe tree lined streets of the Urca neighborhood, are great places to stroll and explore on a sunny afternoon. In the Rio de Janeiro street view below you can see the small Urca Beach which sits on Botafogo Bay, and behind it is the old Casino where Carmen Miranda once performed.
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