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from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil !

The first Rio earthTV camera in South America is mounted on top of "The Maze Inn", a small hotel located in the hills above the Catete neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

The Maze Inn's live streaming video camera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers outstanding views of Guanabara Bay, Botafogo Bay and notably, Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar). Look closely and you may catch a glimpse of the cable cars carrying tourists from the station at Praia Vermelha up to Urca Mountain and then continuing on up to Sugarloaf.

The city airport Santos Dumont is located on a small penninsula extending into Guanabara Bay. (far left side of the camera screen) You'll see jet airplanes landing at the airport on a banked approach over the city.

The Rio earthTV camera video stream also shows cargo ships crossing the bay, and in the distance you will see the city of Niterói.

The Rio earthTV camera normally broadcasts during daylight hours and retains the last daytime image on the screen until sunrise the following morning.

Tune in on New Year's Eve to catch the fireworks over Copacabana Beach!

Take a few minutes to watch the "eLive" streaming video; the very cool time-lapse photography; "Best of" video camera images that captured beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and storms moving into Rio de Janeiro; and the video weather forecast for Rio. Hover over the bottom of the TV screen and click on the panels to see pictures taken earlier in the day.

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Rio de Janeiro Wetter

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Archived Images of the earthTV Cam in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Close up video camera shot of the small Praia da Urca (Urca Beach) in front of the old Casino where Carmen Miranda once performed. Carmen Miranda also lived in the safe, beautiful and peaceful Urca neighborhood.

Below is a live video image that was taken at sunset. Notice the cable car leaving Sugarloaf and heading back down to Urca, and another cable car beginning its ascent from Urca heading up to Sugarloaf.

Sugarloaf at Sunset - video snapshot

A rather ominous group of low hanging clouds hover over Sugarloaf Mountain. This creates an eerie afternoon for tourists who are fogged in on the mountain and for the moment they have "zero visibility" of Copacabana Beach and Rio de Janeiro below.

A Cloud covered Sugarloaf

This video image was taken when looking across the bay towards the city of Niteroi, which lies just beyond the mountains in the foreground. Ships and boats of all kinds, including sightseeing schooners, traverse this bay when heading out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Guanabara Bay with the city of Niteroi in th background

Here's a beautiful early morning image of Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain in August 2010. Notice the street lamps that circle the base of the mountain in the Urca neighborhood.

Sugarloaf & Guanabara Bay at night

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