The "Best of" Rio Webcam Photos

A Window into Life in Rio de Janeiro!

On this page we save photos from the live Rio Webcam stream provided by the Rio de Janeiro transit authority. The objective of the transit authority is to monitor and react to traffic conditions around the city, but occasionally the Rio Webcam operators will move the cameras towards the beach to take in the views and "people watch". Perhaps the camera operators are wishing they were at the beach instead of being stuck in a presumably windowless traffic control room somewhere in Centro or the Zona Norte.

Anyone who has visited Rio de Janeiro Brazil will feel similar "saudades" (a melancholy feeling) when viewing Cariocas (Rio locals) and tourists enjoying the beaches or taking a Sunday stroll on the Avenida Atlantica, on Copacabana Beach, or along the Avenida Viera Souto, on Ipanema and Leblon Beaches.

Granted, these Rio de Janeiro Webcam images are not in "high definition" and lack the ability to zoom in on the tan and lovely Carioca girls wearing the famous "Fio Dental" (dental floss) bikinis, or on the athletic young guys in their "sungas" (low cut bathing shorts) playing beach volleyball and Futebol (soccer). However, for anyone who is planning a Rio de Janeiro vacation, these webcam photos will provide an idea of what to expect.

Check back often as we will update this page with the latest Webcam beach photos.

Enjoy our Archived Rio Webcam Images

A hot and sunny January 2nd, 2010 on Copacabana Beach. Cariocas and tourists relax after the huge Rio de Janeiro New Year's Eve celebration that took place 2 days before on the same beach. Notice the high summer tide creating a narrow strip of sand where the beach is normally quite wide.

Copacabana Beach on a sunny Saturday summer afternoon

A hot day and crowded day on Leblon Beach near Ipanema. Beach goers competing for space, shade themselves from the blistering tropical sun (86 F/ 30 C) under colorful beach umbrellas. See our Rio de Janeiro Beach Tips page for information on how to make the most of your time at the beach in Brazil.

Leblon Beach Umbrellas

Every Sunday the ocean side of the avenues that run along both Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches are closed to traffic. Thousands of people walk, run, ride, and socialize along the beach. Note the dedicated two lane bike path on the right. See Copacabana Beach Posto 5 lifeguard station in upper right of the webcam photo.

Sunny Sunday on Copacabana Beach

The Saturday before Carnaval 2010 and everyone is at Leblon Beach. Big waves!

Carnaval Saturday 2010 Leblon Beach

On the ocean side of the Avenida Atlantica is the The "Copacabana Beach Arena". Outfitted with a gigantic screen, it was built for thousands of Rio de Janeiro soccer fans to watch Brazil play in the World Cup 2010 matches.

Copacabana Beach Soccer Arena World Cup 2010

An unseasonably hot winter day in Rio on August 1st 2010. Temps reached 31° C! Thousands of Cariocas flock to the beaches, including Copacabana Beach pictured below. Note the crowds of sunbathers pictured on the right middle part of the Rio de Janeiro web cam image.

A hot winter's day on Copacabana Beach

Yikes - a very rainy Saturday in Rio! On an afternoon like this, head to Sushi Niki in Ipanema for their 'all you can eat' sushi buffet.

Rainy day in Rio

A sweltering and colorful early Friday evening in Copacabana. The temperature hit 38° C this day (100° F!)

A colorful night in Copacabana

The web cam operator diverts attention from the traffic flow along the Avenida Veira Souto to check out the surfing action at the lower end of Leblon Beach. Surfers on Leblon Beach in Rio de Janeiro seen by web cam

A lonely figure stands near the ocean during the wee hours of the morning on Copacabana Beach. The buses have stopped running. Is he patiently waiting for his lover? Or perhaps he's just enjoying the sea breeze and the wavy Copacabana sidewalk mosaics.

Late night on Copacabana Beach

But here he is again, late at night, almost 3 months later! Is he a regular person, a mime, or a statue? The Web cam operator may be asking the same question....

A person or a statue?

Here's your answer! These likely impaired tourists pose for a picture with our friend. The Rio Webcam operators are people watching once again...

Tourists posing for pictures with with new Copacabana friend

This guy seems to have had way too much to drink!

Drunk guy with his buddy the Posto 6 statue

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