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Rio de Janeiro Nightlife

Information for the best bars, samba dance clubs, live Brazilian music, and nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Samba Dance Clubs
    The Samba Dance Clubs (Gafieiras) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil are congregated in the Bohemian district known as Lapa.

  • Rio de Janeiro Nightclubs
    Every night of the week there's a party happening in nightclubs in Rio, so it's just a matter of picking the one that suits your tastes and budget.

  • Live Brazilian Music
    It's easy to find live Brazilian music in Rio de Janeiro most every night of the week.

  • Rio de Janeiro Bars
    Rio de Janeiro Bars are perfect places to while away a few hours enjoying excellent cold draft beer (Chope or Chopp), traditional salty snacks (Salgadinhos), and a Caipirinha or two!

  • Streaming Brazilian Music
    24 hours a day we stream live Brazilian music over the internet from Rio de Janeiro. Check it out!

  • Brazilian Internet Radio
    24 hours a day we stream podcast of MPB World music over the internet from Rio de Janeiro. It makes for great late night listening.

Rio de Janeiro Street View Google Images

On this page we have saved some of the best Google street view images in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guides

We have downloaded to our site complete on line versions of the Michelin® & Lonely Planet® Rio de Janeiro travel guides.

BOPE Elite Squad

From our site map page 2, link to this page to see photos and learn about Rio de Janeiro's Special Forces police SWAT Team that battles drug traffickers in the favelas (slums).

Rio de Janeiro Travel Blog

This Blog is our on line journal that's designed to keep you up to date with our latest site entries and current travel information for Rio de Janeiro.

Questions about Rio? Contact Us!

Please use the form on this page to contact us should you have any travel questions about Rio de Janeiro Brazil, comments, or feedback to deliver about this website.

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