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24 Hours a Day - Live from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil !

You've reached our live streaming Brazilian music page, arriving to your computer at high speed 24 hours a day. Popular Brazilian tunes are streamed in free, courtesy of MPB FM 90.3 from their studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and podcasts from

"MPB" stands for "Música Popular Brasileira" (Popular Brazilian Music). The MPB genre has its origin in Bossa Nova and has grown since the 1960s to include a wide range of music including Samba, Pop, and modern Bossa Nova. A common theme in MPB is voice and guitar. Most often its acoustic guitar, however electric rhythm and bass guitars have found their way into the modern urban music.

Rio de Janeiro being the center of music and arts in Brazil, has a vibrant and rich musical heritage. The live streaming Brazilian music from MPB FM 90.3 features both famous artists as well as newcomers to the scene.

Note: occasionally the connection is interrupted, so you may have to check back later. It's the Brazilian internet after all...

Save this page as a "favorite" and return whenever you're in the mood to listen to live Brazilian music. External PC speakers are highly recommended!

The Brazilian Hour - Presented by

The music widget below plays music from the popular "Brazilian Hour" with your host Sergio Mielniczenko from Los Angeles California. Sergio has been hosting this popular program for over 25 years, and he has assembled hundreds of fantastic streaming Brazilian music podcasts. It's an international program made possible by the Foreign Relations Office of Brazil.

Click the play button and you can let this program run for hours!

MPB 90.3 FM Internet Radio

Click on the start button of our Rio de Janeiro MPB FM 90.3 Live Music Player. Then minimize the player to return to our site.

MPB FM 90.3 Brasil Logo

MPB FM 90.3 hosts a variety of music programs, including the very popular 'Samba Social Clube' every Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon until 2pm (note the time difference per our clock in the upper right corner of every page on our site). Samba music recorded at live performances is presented and is often accompanied by live interviews with notable Samba recording artists.

Also popular is the "Clássicos MPB" program aired weeknights from 9pm - midnight. As the program name implies, classic Bossa Nova and Samba songs are played during this time with limited commercial interruptions.

Fridays and Saturdays after midnight Rio de Janeiro time, the MPB really gets cranked up with fantastic non stop Brazilian music until dawn!

If you would like to listen to a wider variety of Brazilian music without commercial interruption, please visit our MPB World Music podcast page.

The videos below of the Samba singing legend Beth Carvalho and the popular performer Diogo Nogueira will give you an idea of what you can expect to hear every Saturday and Sunday afternoon on our streaming live Brazilian music page.

(stop the music stream from our widget above and then play the videos)

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