How to Build a Travel Website

...without spending a fortune !

It's not as difficult as you may think for an ordinary person to build a travel website or a site to share their knowledge or hobby. However, to do so successfully, there are a few things you will need.


Why bother spending your time building a travel website if you aren't passionate about travel or about visiting a particular part of the world? This might be your favorite vacation spot or where you currently live.

The content you deliver should entice readers to browse many pages of your travel website and return time and again for more insightful vacation information.

Do you have a hobby you love? Share your passion with others and earn income while doing it!

Subject Matter Knowledge

It's easy for people to spot cookie-cutter travel websites. These sites tend to provide basic information about a number of places, with the goal of selling airline tickets, hotel bookings, or vacation packages.

Today's travelers and web surfers are more knowledgable and discerning. They want travel information that will not only help them plan their visit, but will also provide details and "Insider's Information" about the destination. This is best delivered by the travel website owner who shares first hand knowledge and information.

A Cost Effective Website Building & Publishing Program

Most people, including us, are not WebMasters or computer experts, nor do we have thousands of dollars available to invest in expensive website building software and developer tools.

We wanted an easy to use website building program that had a proven track record of success for helping ordinary people fullfill their dreams of owning a part time (or full time) online business.

We needed a tool that offered step-by-step guidance and support to build our website.

For less than $400 per year, we found such as service with a company called SiteSell.

A Method to "Monetize" Your Website

If you are like us, you want some return on your time and investment. There are several methods for making money on the web, including online goods selling (sites referred to as storefronts), selling services (airline tickets and the like), and using referral advertiser programs such as Google's AdSense.

Google's Adsense is the primary monetizing method used by most travel and hobby website owners. If readers find an advertisement on your page appealing, they "click" away from your site to that advertiser's website. You, as the referring wesbite owner, are paid on a "per click" basis, regardless of whether or not the customer makes a purchase!


Ahh yes, regardless of what you might hear or read on the web, there are no "get rich quick" internet schemes methods that really work. You will need to spend time each week adding content and building webpages to attract visitors to your site.

You don't have to make this a full time pursuit or build your site in a hurry. On the contrary, you can work part time by following SiteSell's "Tortoise" method of succcess.

No matter how quickly or slowly you proceed, what's important is to consistently build webpages that offer visitors valuable information and insight about your favorite travel destination(s) or hobby.

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