Rio de Janeiro Vacation Packing List

Rio de Janeiro Vacation Packing List (Essentials)

Suitcase (expandable rolling type preferred)

Extra pair of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses that can last for a month

Day pack (to carry on airplane for stowing valuable & essential personal items)

Money belt, fanny pack, or passport/money holder

Inexpensive collapsible duffel bag to bring home souvenirs (buy a cheap one for $12 at Walmart)

Photocopies of passport, driver's license, and credit cards (keep in a separate place from the originals!)

Cotton sleeping sack (if you are hosteling or staying in inexpensive hotels)

Camera with charger, extra photo card, and extra battery

Optional - Laptop, power cord, & CD ROM (some wireless connections in apartments require software download)

16 oz water bottle (empty before entering airport security!)

Travel clothesline with clothes pins

Travel umbrella (or buy cheap one there, as street vendors appear whenever it starts to rain); disposable plastic ponchos for the hikers

Windbreaker or light rain jacket if traveling in the winter months

Beach Towels? No! Buy a Brazilian Kanga or Sarong on the beach in Rio.

Electrical adapter.

A good travel guide; small note pad; 2 small pens

Paperback book or magazine to read on the plane

Several zip-lock heavy duty plastic bags - quart & gallon size (many items below are suggested to pack and store in these bags!)

Toiletries - take just the essentials and pack/store in one gallon size heavy duty zip-lock plastic bag

Wash cloth and a travel size hand towel (Brazilian hotels rarely provide wash cloths)

16oz liquid hand sanitizer, and a smaller bottle to fill and carry around (pack in the checked luggage!)

Disinfecting hand wipes (remove from container and store in a plastic zip-lock bag)

Clorox disinfecting wipes (to kill germs around the hotel room; store in heavy duty zip-lock plastic bag)

Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher; lip balm with sunscreen

Sunglasses with straps

Liquid insect repellent with DEET (no aerosols allowed on the airplane!)

Prescription medications in original bottles; pain reliever; antacid; anti diarrhea medicine; sleep aids for the airplane

Extra pair of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses

Travel size sewing kit; first aid kit

Kleenex (pack in a zip-lock bag or buy the small travel packages)

16 oz Woolite laundry detergent (pack in a heavy duty ziplock bag in your checked luggage!)

Small key chain flashlight

Men's Clothing Vacation Packing List

2-3 pair of pants - cotton khakis and/or jeans (khakis dry much faster than jeans after washing); light weight dress slacks for going out in the evenings; 1 belt

3 pair of shorts - zippered pockets are preferred to safely hold your wallet, money, camera, etc.

3 short sleeve polo type shirts or short sleeve button down shirts; 3 tee shirts (buy a couple there); 1 long sleeve shirt (only in the winter months)

5 pairs of underwear; 1-2 pair of boxer shorts for lounging in the room.

1 pair of running shoes or sneakers; 1 pair casual dress shoes or loafers.

1 ball cap

5 pairs athletic socks; 2 pairs light weight dress socks.

1 swim suit; one jock strap or similar support

Flip Flops? No way - buy a pair of Havaianas when you arrive!

Women's Clothing Vacation Packing List

3 skirts; 1 dress or sun dress; 2 pair of slacks

4 blouses; 3 tee shirts; 1 sleep shirt

3 pairs of shorts

5 pairs of panties; 2 bras

4 pairs of athletic socks

1 small purse or pocketbook

1 light weight hat with wide rim

Panty hose? No way baby - it's way too hot in Rio de Janeiro

1 swim suit; buy another new one in Ipanema!

Running/walking shoes; 1 pair of heels; 1 pair of sandals or casual shoes. Buy a couple pairs of Havaianas in Copacabana or Ipanema Beach.

Cheap jewelry or buy some at the Ipanema Hippie Fair.

A light weight jacket or windbreaker (in the winter months)

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