Visiting Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games (submitted July 2012)

by Debbie

Where can I stay, how much is it for the Opening Ceremony, how much are tickets for each game, is everything in close proximity?

How many games can I see? I am sure more than one competition is the same time.

Thank you for your help.

Bom Dia Debbie!

At this date, it's a bit early to get exact prices for tickets, and the opening ceremony has not yet been priced. That information will probably become available sometime in 2014.

However, the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee has announced that the average ticket price will be US $36, with more than half of the events costing less than US $30. Tickets for some events are promised to cost just US $20.

The Olympic Village and many of the venues will be located in Barra da Tijuca, the "Miami" of Rio de Janeiro, which is a large suburb to the south. Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Biking, Tennis, Wrestling, and many other competitions will be located there.

Soccer will be in Maracana Stadium in the Northern part of the city, as will indoor Volleyball, track and field, archery, and the marathon.

Beach volleyball will be held on Copacabana Beach in a specially constructed stadium. Sailing competition will occur on Guanabara Bay at Marina da Gloria. Rowing and canoing will take place on Lagoa Rodrigo da Freitas.

In Deodoro, the forested area near Tijuca National Park, mountain biking, equestrian, shooting, and other competitions will take place.

For more information, watch the 5 minute Rio 2016 Master Plan video.

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Boa sorte!

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