Where can I buy a Brazilian Bikini outside of Brazil? (Sept 2011)

by Lauren

Brazilian swimwear model in Agua Doce Bikini

Brazilian swimwear model in Agua Doce Bikini

I was in Rio in 2009 and I purchased a bikini from a beach vendor. I am looking to buy another one. Could you put me in contact with someone who sells them online? Or with someone who sells them at all.

I know its a strange request.

Thank you very much

Boa tarde Lauren!

It's not a strange question at all. Mrs. Rio de Janeiro Travel Information laments the fact that she can only find the real deal in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil.

There are numerous on-line beachwear sellers in the USA who claim to sell Brazilian bikinis and sungas, but in reality, their swimwear is just patterned after the "Brazilian style" and is not made in Brazil (more likely it's made in China...).

Most bikini designers and on-line sellers in Brazil haven't quite figured out the international shipping process.

Famous swimwear designers like BumBum and Blue Man have boutiques in Ipanema Beach and other parts of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, but don't sell on-line.

You do have a couple of viable options:

Butterflies and Bikinis, a shop in Montecito, California, imports and sells Brazilian bikinis and designer swimwear on-line. They feature swimwear from famous Brazilian designers including Cia.Maritima and Agua Doce. We're sure there's nothing in the price range of the bikini you bought from the beach vendor in Rio, but the swimwear is of the finest quality and design.

There's also a company in Brasilia called Bikinis Brazil, that sells on-line and ships internationally. Brasilia is more than 1000 miles from the ocean, but they have beautiful bathing suits available for reasonable prices.

A bit closer to your home, is Praia Bela Bikinis, an on-line marketer of Brazilian bikinis, located in Brisbane, Australia. The Brazilian ex-pat owner imports bikinis from Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil. She offers "Brazilian Cuts for Aussie Girls' Butts."

Also, if you are interested in buying an authentic Brazilian beach Sarong (Kanga), visit the website of Custom Sarongs, which is an on-line retailer located in California.

Let us know of your experience with these vendors, and we'll pass the information on to our website readers.

For more information, visit our Rio de Janeiro Beach Tips page.

Boa sorte!

The Editors of Rio de Janeiro Travel Information

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